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(Managing Director)


Dr. Sandesh Yadav is part of some of the most integral and important committees within the Government of India. He represents people's voices and interests on different platforms at different capacities. Currently, Dr. Yadav is Member of the Ministry of Railways (ZRUCC), Government of India; Member of the Telecom Advisory Committee (TAC), Ministry of Telecommunications, Government of India; Member of the Quality Council of India; Member of the Delhi Minority Commission’s (Peace Committee), Government of NCT of Delhi; Member of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (FOF), Government of India; Member of the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi; Member of the Ethiopian Cultural Centre, New Delhi; General Secretary of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation; General Secretary of the Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council; and many more such platforms on which he represents the interest of common people of our nation.


Born on October 8, 1983, Dr. Sandesh Yadav comes from a small village named Bangoli in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, where his family had very limited resources in their hands but this never stopped him from serving the nation, fulfilling his ambitions, and making India proud. During the Kargil War, Dr. Yadav, as an NCC Cadet, represented Uttar Pradesh at the National Integration Camp. Coming from an army family; since childhood Dr. Yadav had seen his family worship the nation and hence his love for the country and passion for nation building is so evidently ingrained in his genes.

The young blood, Yadav is a well-known figure not only in Yadav community or his village, district, or state but across the breadth of the nation. He is an inspiration for tremendously talented kids, youth and adults alike. The community praises him and looks up to him as someone they can rely on. He has passed every test with flying colors that life threw at him and became the gem that he is today. He has certainly made his people very proud with his committed work and achievements.


A sportsman, journalist, social worker, and an orator par excellence, Dr. Yadav is a workaholic. He actively advocates the need and importance for better facilities and opportunities in sports and arts. He wants to avail best possible infrastructure and facilities for the kids and youth, the future of India. Dr. Yadav himself is a record holder in Karate-Do and has received various national and international awards. He is a Fifth DAN Black Belt from the World Karate-Do Federation (World Body of Karate), International Karate-DoDaigaku (University) – Canada and the Karate Association of India (National Body of Karate).

He is the recipient of Gold Medal in the South Asian Karate-Do Championship and Silver Medal in International Karate-Do Championship. He is the only Indian Karate Coach to secure the honor of being the Indian representative and been designated as ‘Shihan’ from International Karate University, Canada.


Dr. Sandesh Yadav is a man of many talents and brains. He believes that if the talent of the youth in the country is not properly identified, fostered or channelized, it will go waste and that will be nothing short of a tragedy. There is no dearth of talent in India, but what lacks are opportunities and encouragement, which the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation aims to provide.

Every year, the foundation under the leadership of Dr. Yadav, searches out and awards the unsung heroes who have worked towards the uplift of the weaker sections of society and have made significant contributions to nation building through their work. Such prestigious recognition motivates these heroes to compound their efforts in the service of the communities and the country. The acute media presence and nationwide publicity helps their stories reach to the remotest corners of the nation and encourage a very large number of individuals to emulate their example and do inspiring work.

He always encourages the youth to make such achievements which makes the nation proud. He himself has achieved so much at a very young age. He has certainly made his birthplace very proud of his achievements. Dr. Yadav advises the youth to not let their dreams die but to make utmost efforts and hard work to realize their dreams.


Dr. Yadav believes that the principled parenting and guidance he has received as a young child has nurtured the value system on which he stands firmly today. Hailing from a conservative rural family, it was progressive of his parents to have provided him the space to explore and realise his dreams. He attributes his success to his parents who always stood by him and encouraged him in all his endeavours.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Yadav’s experience as a journalist in the national capital for eight years has given him experience and insight into the functioning of the government and taught him the ways to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. He is leveraging the knowledge acquired in his career in taking the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation for a flight.Eminent leaders from across the country and domains have appreciated the unique initiatives and leadership projected by Dr. Sandesh Yadav.

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